Project Management

Project Management combines Pre-Construction and Construction Stage and unites 4 mayor tasks: Design- and Quality Management, Cost Management (provides Cost Estimation at the beginning of the project and Cost Control during construction), Time Management (provides Time Schedule at the beginning of the project and Time Control during construction) and Construction Management (includes Construction Quality Control on site).
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General Construction Management

HP is fully authorized to deliver Turn-Key projects to our clients including General Design, Tech-Zakazchik (Permits) and Tech-Nadzor (Construction Control), as well as Avtorski-Nadzor (Design Supervision) out of one hand.
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Retail Delivery Management

Retail Delivery Management is a selected service tailored for special needs in the Retail Business. HP has special expertise as our experience reaches from Project Management Pre Construction to Hand Over in several Retail projects in Russia. Our last Project is one of the first Outlet Centers in Russia were HP took the role of Retail Delivery Managers. HP’s RDM makes sure that the landlord is provided with fit-out design and works according to his requirements and time schedule.
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BREEAM Certification

In June 2012 HP will become licensed International Assessor for BREEAM Certification, the world's leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings. BREEAM training is formally recognized by the RIBA CPD Providers Network and the Construction CPD Certification Service.
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Technical Due-Diligence

During a TDD, HP is provided with all necessary technical information to assess building design or a building, in order to check and provide detailed and solid information to the client that will allow him to decide whether to lease office space or extend its real estate portfolio and buy a new asset. H&P helps you to optimize your investment portfolio.
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Project Consulting

HP supports the client to find the right way through a development of a project, starting with the right location, in access to infrastructure, design development. H&P also consults on which are the authorities to speak with, what permits and steps are necessary and were to get necessary permits. HP consults during the selection process of project partner and can as independent partner of the client consult during the whole project process until completion.
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General Design

Our firm provides full scale General Design Services including Concept Design, Stage-P Design, Working Documentation and As-Build Documentation, all based on International and Russian Norms. We are able to “russify” your International Design and find most effective solutions for your problems. Our General Design services include all landscaping and architectural works as well as all engineering systems. We also pass your Stage-P design through Expertise and receive Construction Permit.
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